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Climategate scientists settle on a ludicrous defense

With the world in possession of an unprecedented, absolutely massive, easily searchable database of "context", they're going with this defense:  we're being quoted out of context.

Hacked E-Mails Fuel Global Warming Debate | Privacy Digest
Another e-mail from Jones dated last year with the subject line "IPCC and FOI" is a request to Michael Mann, asking him to delete certain e-mails. Bloggers allege that Jones was trying to destroy data that had been requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jones wasn't available for comment. Mann told Threat Level that he never deleted any e-mails and doesn't know the context under which Jones made the request. ... [Gavin Schmidt]: "It's just scientists talking about science, and they're talking relatively openly as people in private e-mails generally are freer with their thoughts than they would be in a public forum. The few quotes that are being pulled out [are out] of context. People are using language used in science and interpreting it in a completely different way."

Trenberth agrees.

"If you read all of these e-mails, you will be surprised at the integrity of these scientists," he says. "The unfortunate thing about this is that people can cherry pick and take things out of context."