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Coincidence Or Business As Usual?

In September 2009, Interpol ran a tabletop exercise designed to test and formulate the response to a bio-terror attack where plague had just been unleashed on their countries by unknown evildoers.Alone, this would appear to be merely preparedness in an attempt to cover all possible scenarios of an attack. A number of catastrophic events, however, have been preceded by drills or tabletop exercises.

Drills and exercises covering the type of attacks that took place in New York and London were simulated and rehearsed prior to both events. In both cases, large loss of life and destruction were inflicted on the populations of the United States and the United Kingdom. This exercise did just as was described helping focus our joint understanding of the role and responsibility of each of us – police, health care professionals, experts – in response to a bioterrorism incident, as well as identifying possible gaps or redundancies so that we can draw lessons from them.

Fast forward to late October 2009 in Ukraine cases began being reported of what possibly could have been a mutated form of the swine flu(A/H1N1.) Early reports had health officials believing the cases to be pneumonic plague. On November 2, 2009, Chechen news outlet Kavak Center reported "Ukrainian News Agency "Fraza" reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine" and "According to the "Fraza" agency, "today in Ukraine pneumonic plague is going in parallel with swine flu. The plague has killed over 60 people, and about 14 from the flu." One of the nations participating in the Interpol exercise was Ukraine.

A report  surfaced, a few days later, that low level aerial spraying, both by plane and helicopter, had occurred over several  Ukrainian cities including Kiev and Lviv. This has prompted some to believe that what has infected the Ukraine was delivered aerially. According to the report, the Ukraine government denies any permits to spray being issued during that time frame, October 28 – October 30, 2009.

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