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Expanding U.S. military presence leads to Venezuela-Colombia tensions

Operating as a U.S. proxy, Colombia poses threat to Latin America

Tensions between Colombia and Venezuela have been on the rise. On Nov. 20, the Venezuelan army destroyed two footbridges used by smugglers operating along the 1,375-mile border between Colombia and Venezuela.

Although neither of the bridges was indicated in any treaty between the two countries, the Colombian government labeled the destruction an act of "aggression" and a violation of international law, and put its military forces on high alert. Venezuela has asserted its right to take action to destroy an illegal port of entry for oil and drug smugglers.

The border region between Venezuela and Colombia has been the site of increased violence over the last several months. Paramilitaries linked to the Colombian army recently killed two Venezuelan soldiers and nine Colombian civilians at the border. Venezuela has captured three Colombian men accused of being spies; Colombia has acknowledged that at least one is an agent of its Administrative Security Department, the country's intelligence agency.

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