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Linux Fights Fascism

Fascism is Big Business plus Big Government and it obviously didn't die with WWII. Fascism is flourishing in our financial system, in education, energy, medicine, you name it.
Open Source is fighting back. Freedom is the enemy of Fascism and Linux is about Freedom. Open software developers aren't just developing software they are fighting for freedom of expression and our basic human right to contol our own lives.
Those who tell us what we can and can't do with the hardware and software we purchase are trying to obsessively control the world around them and us with it, which is the fundament of Fascism.
Contributing to Open Source Software is fighting for Freedom and fighting for Freedom is contributing to Open Source Software. It might seem silly and many will laugh but the battleground for human rights is in the little details.
Does it matter when you ride the bus where you sit? Is it worth fighting for?
By Anthony Fox

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