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Rockefellers Fund Global-warming Protests as Earth Cools


All across the world, collections of global-warming protestors financed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gathered on October 24 to call for forceful “climate change” action at the United Nations summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, this December.

Most of the gatherings were minuscule, even in big cities, but the effort did receive widespread publicity. According to organizers cited by Agence France-Presse, over 5,000 demonstrations were held in more than 180 countries.

The protestors rallied around the motif of “350” — the supposed level of carbon dioxide in parts per million that some scientists claim is an acceptable ceiling. They carried signs and unfurled banners reading 350, even forming themselves into giant human numbers to illustrate their point.

Ironically, recent surveys indicate that most Americans do not believe global warming is a serious problem or even caused by human activity at all. And several other ironies in this saga become immediately apparent as well.

The continual charge that so-called “deniers” are financed by oil companies should finally be put to rest, considering that a significant share of the Rockefeller family fortune came and continues to come from oil. Several oil companies have financed past McKibben efforts as well.

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