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War Profiteers Stealing Our Lunch, Dinner, & Breakfast Money

You would think that $8.5 billion would buy a lot of chow for our soldiers in Iraq. But instead of purchasing grub for mess hall trays, federal prosecutors say a lot of that coin went to overhead, inflated prices, and lining pockets of a wealthy Kuwaiti family whose business got the contract. But thanks to a whistleblower and a nineteenth-century war profiteering statute, taxpayers may actually get some of that money back.

The U.S. Attorney's Atlanta office on Monday handed down an indictment against the Public Warehousing Company (PWC) for defrauding the United States. PWC, now reincorporated under the name Agility, was second only to Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR) as the military's largest logistics contractor in Iraq.

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