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Late author Michael Crichton warned of global warming’s dangerous parallels to eugenics

Best-selling author Michael Crichton became a noted critic of the highly-politicized ‘global warming’ agenda before his death in 2008. What has now shifted into the "climate change" issue was a central theme in his 2004 novel State of Fear.

Crichton warns that ‘global warming’– which has become both a cause célèbre and a supposed moral imperative– not only has "little basis in fact or science" but compromised by political advocacy and a ‘quest for power.’

That fatal flaw for the global warming agenda is, for Crichton, paralleled by one of history’s ‘cautionary tales’– that of the Eugenics movement. The dangers of a political agenda parading under the cover of a scientific pretext have already been exposed by the agendas of the past, and that cost can be measured in human lives lost.
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