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Nobel Committee Celebrates War As Peace

A brief report on Obama's peace prize appeared on the CBS News website on December 7 with the seemingly paradoxical title "A Peace Prize for a War President" by the news agency's White House correspondent, Mark Knoller.

Neither the title nor the article it introduced was ironic. They reflected the straightforward truth.

The feature stated "There'll be no effort by Barack Obama to disguise or obscure the fact that he's a war president when he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Thursday.

"The ceremony takes place ten days after he announced plans to escalate the U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan by deploying another 30,000 American troops there."

The selection of Obama evoked a prompt and aptly indignant response from Michel Chossudovsky at the Centre for Research on Globalization, who on October 11 published a piece called "Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War Becomes Peace, When the Lie becomes the Truth" [1] which stated inter alia that "When the Commander in Chief of the largest military force on planet earth is presented as a global peace-maker," then "the Lie becomes the Truth."

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