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The shocking lesson from the climate scandal

With the outrageous news of deceit, fraud and suppression of opposing evidence by top climate change "scientists," many conservatives had expected to see the story unfold a little differently (with actual reporting and investigating). Global warming, aka, climate change has been heralded as the preeminent story of our time. As such, the exposing of scientific fraud in the ultimate "science" movement would have made screaming headline news in a sane world.

Unfortunately, however, we've seen a virtual blackballing of the story that otherwise would have had a chilling effect on man-caused climate change (MCCC) theory. At best for the hoax deniers, MCCC has been brought into serious question (which would imply the suspension of policy and taxpayer funds). At worst, MCCC has been exposed as the fraud that it always has been. Amazingly, and almost inexplicably, since the East Anglia CRU emails story broke, we've witnessed a barrage of stories promoting global warming as if nothing unusual had occurred.

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