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Six doctors claim there is insufficient evidence to say Dr Kelly committed suicide

They make the claims that the investigation into his death was conducted in too hurried a manner, did not reach a conclusion 'beyond reasonable doubt' as required by law and followed a flawed process.

The six are, former assistant coroner Dr Michael Powers QC, David Halpin a trauma surgeon, Andrew Rouse expert in Epidemiology, surgeon Martin Birnstingl, Stephen Frost a radiologist, and Chris Burns-Cox internal general medicine specialist.

The initial investigation was conducted by Lord Hutton. He concluded that Dr Kelly died as a result of loss of blood and an overdose of painkillers.

But there was hardly any blood found near his body. According to experts it would take the loss of 5 pints of blood to kill the average man and an artery cut left in the open air would have naturally closed itself with a total loss of about one pint of blood.

It has also been claimed that Dr Kelly took 29 painkillers. Empty packets of the painkiller Coproxamol were found near the body, but once again experts say this would not have been enough to kill him.

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