Alt-Coin Trader

4 Words for U.S. companies suffering network attacks

  1. Put
  2. Your
  3. Country
  4. First

That's right. I said it. I'm invoking the P word – "Patriotism". If getting your networks pwned and your sensitive data stolen, and not knowing who's responsible is beginning to piss you off, there's a simple solution. Put the interests of your country ahead of yourself; ahead of your shareholders; ahead of your manager, your VP, and your CEO; and acknowledge your breach (and everything that that entails).

I'm talking to all 30+ companies hit by the same parties responsible for the Google – China attack and who have chosen not to admit it. I'm talking to all of the energy companies who have been subject to successful network breaches or given in to extortion threats and are keeping quiet about it because acknowledging it may result in financial losses. Put your fear and self-interest aside, and announce that you've been attacked, share what's been stolen, and make your logs and other facts related to your incident available to the organizations that need it to determine attribution.

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