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New Federal Program Kills Jobs, While Costing Taxpayers Half a Billion Dollars

A federal biofuels program enacted in the name of fighting global warming and reducing dependence on foreign oil is instead killing jobs while perhaps doing more harm than good and costing taxpayers half a billion dollars, reports the Washington Post.

"It sounded like a good idea: Provide…government money to convert wood shavings and plant waste into renewable energy." But it is now killing jobs by "driving up the price of raw timber, undermining an industry that…used sawdust and wood shavings to make affordable cabinetry."  Meanwhile, "the Biomass Crop Assistance Program…has mushroomed into a half-a-billion dollar subsidy." It's a "Biomass Blunder," says environmental law professor Jonathan Adler.

At least this program isn't resulting in malnutrition and death, unlike ethanol mandates and subsidies, which cause starvation and unrest in the Third World.  Ron Bailey writes about the "global food crisis" that has resulted in food riots across the world, including countries like Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Yemen, Haiti, and Egypt.  The crisis, he noted, is caused by "stupid energy policies" in the form of ethanol "mandates" and subsidies, which result in the world's farmers producing less food and more ethanol.

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