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Clinton Co-ordinating Haiti Relief

Ban Ki-Moon obviously has a very twisted sense of humour. As if the Katrina fiasco wasn’t sufficient evidence of the singular unsuitability of the U.S. to lead any sort of disaster effort, appointing a power-abusing sex-offending lying ex-President as Special Envoy beggared belief.
Even the most generous interpretation would have to conclude that the U.S. had already surpassed its Katrina incompetence - they took eight days, yes EIGHT days, to decide to air-drop food and water into Haiti, resulting in who knows how many thousand unnecessary deaths. [i] Defense Secretary Robert Gates said earlier airdrops were ruled out “because they might have done more harm than good.”’ [ii] (ie there would be more survivors who might challenge the blatant US military occupation, carried out under the guise of ‘security’ to protect the populace from the pseudo-rioting and looting invented by U.S. media hacks to justify it – but more of the un-generous interpretation later.)

When the U.S. finally got around to airdrops, ie when the “riots and looting” (read, people frantically trying to get food, water, and medical help for themselves and others) were happening anyway because so little assistance was forthcoming, and some ethical international commentators were having more success getting the truth out than Fox et al were in distorting it, we learnt the purported ‘why’ of the delay: “Parachuting bundles of food and water into Haiti became viable for the first time Monday in part because there are enough troops there to identify a safe place to drop them…” [iii]
Give us a break – before the earthquake even struck the U.N. already had over 10,000 troops, other personnel and international police on the ground in Haiti [iv] and there were some 10,000 NGOs registered [v] - are we seriously expected to believe these guys couldn’t get it together to receive air drops for over a week?
Worse still, the headquarters of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) held pre-disaster simulations in Miami of a relief response to the impact of a hurricane in Haiti the DAY BEFORE the earthquake! [vi] Are their memories are THAT short??!!