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US sponsors terrorists to overthrow Iran’s government again? Evidence suggests yes

Written by Carl_Herman

Abdolmalek Rigi, leader of the assassination/terrorist group,Jundallah, was announced as captured by Iran’s government on February 23, 2010. Iran televised Mr. Rigi making a statementthat the US government funds Jundallah, provides weapons, and assists with logistical management.
Such testimony should be viewed skeptically, as Mr. Rigi’s honesty could certainly be compromised while a prisoner. However, the most important circumstantial evidence and history corroborate the conclusion that the US is engaged in state-sponsored terrorism to overthrow Iran’s government.
Let’s consider this evidence (additional documentation and summaries herehere, and here):
  1. Jundallah’s history of assassinations is not refuted, yet the US does not list this group as “terrorist.” This is a curious detail.
  2. The US passed the “Iran Freedom and Support Act” in 2006 to fund groups working to overthrow Iran’s government.
  3. Iran has claimed in the past that they arrested members of such groups who confess to US government funding and logistical support.
  4. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who broke the Mai Lai massacre story in Vietnam and Abu Ghraib torture scandal in Iraq, reports that the US dedicated $400 million to militant groups to overthrow Iran’s government, including Jundallah.
  5. US sponsorship of Jundallah has been confirmed and reported by Brian Ross of ABC News and the London Daily Telegraph.
  6. The US Voice of America (VoA) televised a phone interview with Mr. Rigi, introducing him as “leader of the Iranian people’s resistance movement” rather than a wanted terrorist for the complicity in killing over 50 people in various acts of terrorism and assassination.
  7. Most importantly, the history of the US with Iran’s government is the most likely predictor of the nature of present actions. The US overthrew Iran’s democratically-elected government in CIA Operation Ajax in 1953; installing the vicious and US-compliant dictator Shah Pahlavi who crushed democracy until he was deposed in 1979. The purpose of the US unlawful overthrow was Iran’s request to renegotiate existing oil contracts that provided Iran with only 15% of the profits.
  8. More history contextualizes the present: Iran refused US dictatorship in 1979; the US responded by supporting Iraq’s unlawful War of Aggression and invasion of Iran from 1980 to 1988. The US provided loans, intelligence, the US Navy destroyed Iranian oil platforms, and the US gave political approval of this grossly unlawful attack in the UN Security Council.
  9. For immediate history that extends into the present: US political “leaders” and colluding corporate media lie (yes, absolute lie is the accurate explanation) that Iranian President Ahmadinejad ever physically threatened Israel. This contrivance is the same kind of lying propaganda that preceded US unlawful attack on Iraq.
  10. Official US policy allows first-strike use of nuclear weapons against countries that could possibly threaten the US and/or our allies in the future. This policy is tailored to fit the above lying rhetoric of Iran threatening Israel.
  11. The US lies that Iran’s lawful and verified nuclear energy and medicine program is a threat of being a nuclear weapons program. This is a “Big Lie” or Orwellian degree. The US takes all available evidence and constructs rhetoric in complete contradiction, and with no supporting evidence.
  12. We know now that all claims to support war with Iraq were not only false, but known to be false at the time they were told.
  13. US overthrow of democracies and any other form of government has a long history.
  14. And remember, a US claim that Iran attacked the US is probably a false flag attack; an attack by the US to kill Americans to justify US attack on Iran.
US corporate media has been and is now infiltrated by hundreds of government assets to propagandize Americans to support US war policies. These programs have been exposed numerous times, including in official US Congress reports.