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Afghanistan: Media Ban On Attack Coverage Is ‘To Protect Journalists’

By Raw Story

The government of Afghanistan sent out mixed messages on Tuesday about its plans to restrict media coverage of insurgent attacks, at once denying that it was banning live coverage of attacks while defending the plans as being "to protect journalists."
Reuters reported on Monday that Afghanistan "announced a ban on news coverage of Taliban strikes ... saying such coverage only emboldened the Islamist militants."
Reporters would still be allowed to cover insurgent attacks, but only after the fact, and only with permission from the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's spy agency.
"No filming will be permitted while attacks are under way, and live broadcasts will be banned even from a distance," Reuters reported.
Afghanistan's constitution guarantees freedom of speech and domestic critics said the ban, which came after one of the deadliest days this year for NATO troops, amounted to censorship.