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Many Voices Calling for War with Iran

Philip Giraldi

Wanting to go to war with Iran has created some very strange bedfellows.  Leading neoconservative Daniel Pipes’ assertion that President Barack Obama can salvage his presidency and get reelected by attacking Iran is about as low as it gets, suggesting as it does that an act of war can and should serve as a diversion from a failed domestic agenda.  The soldiers and civilians who would inevitably die in such a conflict might not agree with Pipes that all is fair in politics.  They would no doubt consider themselves betrayed and manipulated by a venal and disconnected political leadership, but no matter.  It would not be a first time a neocon would consider a non-neocon casualty little more than a disagreeable statistic.
Sarah Palin is on the Pipes bandwagon, showing up at the mid-February Nashville Tea Party convention sporting an Israeli flag lapel pin and subsequently urging the president to do the right thing in supporting Israel by attacking Iran.  As she put it, President Obama would improve his chances of re-election by showing people how tough he is.  Pipes is at least smart enough to understand the implications of what he was saying, but Palin apparently was just parroting a line fed to her by Bill Kristol or one of her other handlers.  Even Dick Cheney found the Palin line to be too much, pointing out that no one should go to war for reasons of domestic politics.  Whether he actually believes that or not is unclear.