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Oil? We’re Here for the Heroin! (at $19,923,200 per barrel!)

The recent article about Russia criticizing US and NATO forces (attached below) struck a chord with me because just a few weeks ago, I discussed how and why I believed US and NATO forces to be the world’s largest drug cartel. The push into the Helmand Province was a key element, being some of the most fertile production areas in the world. In that article, I asked why US and NATO forces have not begun destroying the opium fields, salting the region or even engineering a Monsanto-like gene to sterilize the plants.

In response, I received multiple emails talking about the “poor farmers who have nothing else to do” and how many people would starve if we destroyed the poppy fields. I read several articles on USA Today, CNN, FOX, etc talking about the same thing. They were shifting the blame. The poor Afghan farmer was the victim in these emails and articles.

If you’re a loyal reader, you clearly know that I do not support the war in Iraq or Afghanistan for a variety of reasons. But, I’m in awe of some people who say the war is justified and that we should be over there – and yet allow the drug trade to flourish. IF we are going to be there, and IF the United States truly is dedicated to it’s (lame) War on Drugs and War on Terrorism, then why are we not incinerating these fields? That would produce a two-fold win for the current American policy. Why is Russia having to step up and be vocal?

I’m reminded of a few ideas brought up by Joseph Stack’s kamakazi mission into the IRS building.