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In order to get the website a bit of publicity, I began posting some of the articles on FaceBook and Twitter.  Lo’and behold, I linked to an article about the Southern Poverty Law Center and their recent “intelligence report” regarding the surging citizen Patriot movement.  In essence, their report labels them as a hate group or violent militia.  It surmises that peaceful citizens fed up with a government out of control should be branded as violent, paranoid, racist “extremists” and likens them to Timothy McVeigh, which I won’t even go into the details of his alleged activities other than to say he was convicted and sentenced to death for the Okla City Bombing in 1995.  (But if you have some free time, look into the events surrounding him, the official timeline and where he was shortly before.)
After railing on them a bit in my editorial, and posting on a friend’s Facebook (who just happens to be a police officer working in Homeland Security) about how big of a joke the SPLC is, I discover they spent close to 5 hours on my site this morning.
Undoubtedly, I … and this website … will be placed in their little “intelligence reports”, filed away under “Hate Group, Extremist, Patriot” and who knows what else.  I guess I fit their profile pretty well since I also voted for Ron Paul and helped get him on the ballot in my home state.  If you didn’t know, the SPLC was the group partially behind the Missouri State Police Intelligence Report suggesting that Ron Paul supporters were domestic terrorists.
For your viewing pleasure, I give you the latest installment of  -


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The Southern Poverty Law Center came back after I posted this installment of ‘I Spy, You Spy’ and spent another TWO and a half HOURS on the site with a different IP address.
It’s simply incredible that they sit on the website for that long.  But I’m not complaining!  This helps my “web stats” in a variety of categories!
Thanks, SPLC!
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And while we’re at it, here are a few noteworthy runner-ups!
Navy .mil type…Nothing wrong with that, though!  I receive plenty of .mil readers and welcome them!
I find it interesting that this particular one is from the Network Information Center in Hawaii, though!