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Apartheid wall isolates 154,000 people

The construction of the apartheid wall in the occupied territories has isolated 154,000 Palestinians from the city of East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The apartheid wall is also obstructing the educational process in several Palestinian educational facilities east of the city, the Al-Quds International Institution reported on Wednesday.

The Israelis want the Palestinians out of the city, which is affecting their education as they are not able to attend their classes, the Beirut-based institute said.

The report added that the harsh social and economic conditions the Palestinians face in al-Quds and the illegal Israeli measures against them are having a direct impact on students and are causing more students to quit school.

Israel discriminates between schools in eastern and western al-Quds since it provides all sorts of services and financial aid to Jewish schools in West al-Quds, while Palestinian schools in East al-Quds are struggling to survive, the institute said.

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