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Media Coverup on the Corporate Pillage and Destruction of sub-Saharan Africa

Americans-- and as a result those bombarded with US media too-- are saturated with stories about the extractive practices of the Nazi regime (well supported by all the major extractive corporations on the Allied side).

People here and in the US can repeat from memorising (to call it memory would be gross distortion) often incomplete, inaccurate or downright false statements about the operation of our government under the Nazi Party.

Yet no one can say anything coherent about more than two centuries of vicious extraction from Africa-- let alone the ongoing theft and murder. People standing at the bar over a drink can chat away about "lampshades" made from the skin of murdered KZ prisoners.

Yet no one can say a word about the men, women and children who were disfigured, tortured, murdered and robbed by American and European corporations to supply free copper or other raw materials for super-profits.

A footnote some time ago explained that one of the rare materials (coltan) in the Congo basin is a mineral needed for cell-phone production. Do iPhone-linked liberals think about the corporate mass murder in the Congo which contributes to their exclusive and stylish 24-7 reachability?

Certainly almost no one reports about it.

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