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Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

The Avenger Series reels are a tremendous value for any type of fishing you choose to do: boat, jetty, rocks, pier, lake, river… -socalman on
This is one of the finest reels I have bought in recent years. Right out of the box I was impressed with the smooth action and sturdy craftmanship. I originally bought this reel for my son since his saltwwater Shakespear couldn’t handle the saltwater… -brian marino
The Okuma Avenger spinning reel was a smooth reel, but there are much better reels offered by Okuma. I’m talking about reels that the pros have used for YEARS. – anonymous
I came out of the mangroves into a clearing and BAM!, a ladyfish hit it, … Call me superstitious but I always feel good about new fishing equipment if i catch first time out. – “donnyzoe”
Okuma ABF-30 Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel (10lb/180yd)
This is an awesome reel that is built to last. I plan on getting another one… Okuma just makes good products. -David W. Dodson on
i put 300yds of 100lb braid(20lb mono) onto the abf90 and the spool is over full. i dont no where i am supposed to put the other 290yds u guarenteed it would hold. isn’t anybody else having this problem? i held like 5lbs of pressure while lining it up. -instantthc on
This is the best bait feeder (bait runner) reel for the money I could find. -R. Groom
I cast out and after a few minutes pulled back in and i heard a little crunching sound.A slight and I mean minute amount of sand in the spool somehow and it was grinding terribly. i decided to pull my rig in and clean it out. As i was reeling in i heard a slight pop. Next thing I know i have no antireverse and the reel is free spooling.
I absolutely love my other Okuma reels(Epixor EB-50, and Convector Linecounter)and was thoroughly disappointed with the Avenger. Maybe i got a dud but man did that ruin my night. -snareguy24 on
This is my 2nd ABF30 reel and my 5th baitfeeder from Okuma. They are lightweight and durable and the baitfeeder works as advertised. -Gary Plesea on
Beautifully Crafted Peice Of Fishing Gear For Those Who Like The World Of Fishing I Give It 5 Star Rating… -Joel Trotman on