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Penn Saltwater Fishing Reel Reviews

If you are looking for a great reel that you can use when you go fishing in saltwater, you should consider buying a Penn fishing reel. This American company is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing equipment such as tackle and reels. Otto Henze started the company in 1932 and ever since then it has been making high quality tackle and reels that anglers have been using when they go out to sea to battle against large saltwater fish.
Although there are different types of Penn saltwater fishing reels, each type has its own special function, features, and benefits. You should choose the one that will address your sport fishing needs. For instance, you should choose GT Level Wind if you are doing bottom fishing. This is a great piece of gear when you are trying to haul a large fish like a monster halibut from the bottom of the sea floor. You should use a heavyweight and durable reel in this kind of fishing.
Although Penn reels come in different styles, they have a lot of things in common like these:
  • The frames of these fishing reels are made of graphite. Graphite is lightweight yet strong and it does not corrode. This is an important factor when choosing a fishing reel. You want it to be sturdy and last for years. The other parts, like the ball bearings, are made of stainless steel and only requires a minimum of care to prevent rust.
  • The main gear of this fishing reel is precision machine-cut, which makes it highly efficient and precise. It is important to have this kind of exacting manufacture and design in order to have reliable equipment when going after big game fish that can be a challenge to catch.
  • After you have caught a large fish, hauling in your catch will be smooth and easy because of the quality drag washers. This will make it easier for you to haul your fish from the water.