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Has Osama Bin Laden Been Dead For Seven Years

Researchers now believe that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for seven years and the United States is covering it up to keep the war going. The US State Department maintains a $50 million reward for his capture. Sue Reid from the contends that the tapes that are being released now are not the real Osama Bin Laden but an imposter. She points out that in the newer video, Bin Laden looked different, his nose is shaped differently and he is wearing rings that the real Bin Laden would not do because it is against his religion. She also said that the newer videos show him with a black beard rather than the gray one he had in the earlier videos.  It is a known fact the Bin Laden had kidney disease and was likely unable to get the medical care he needed.

Former US Intelligence Officer and Professor of International Relations at Boston University, Angelo Codevilla stated, "All the evidence suggest Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden." A new book, Osama Bin Laden, Dead or Alive?,  by scholar David Ray Griffin, claims that Osama Bin Laden died December 13, 2001 while living in Afghanistan Tora Bora Mountains.

Title: Has Osama Bin Laden Been Dead For Seven Years – And Are The U.S. And Britain Covering It Up To Continue War on Terror?

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