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Rule of the Undead

By Anthony Fox Editor – No Agenda News

The popular fascination with vampires and zombies may have some root in the frustrations that many of the more competent and creative people are having in the twilight of our declining civilization.
To wield power justly one should have empathy, ability, and judgement; but, among the long list of tools the social sciences have failed to supply, none have been created to detect or instill these traits.
There are many positions available to people where these characteristics are vitally important (e.g. teachers, human resources, TSA employees) but it is all too common they are absent these virtues.
Positions of this kind are regularly occupied by people who are fundamentally lacking, and can be easily equated to zombies by the victims in their cold grasping hands.
Being more capable, those of a vampiric nature occupy positions that aren’t so easily attained. It does take ability and at least some judgement to have success in the fields of journalism, business, economics, law, politics, and medicine.
Vampirism also requires patience; it takes time to acquire real power.
The common thread is empathy, or a lack thereof. A feeling of detached superiority to the rest of humanity. Seeing people as animals.
It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is easily disproven in that there are many people in the above listed positions that wield power justly. Without question though, the corrupt are attracted to power and it may be more than just alliterative to say that the absolutely corrupt are attracted to absolute power.
The previously mentioned social sciences is the coven from which this infection is spawned.
The social sciences are not merely lacking in tools to identify and remedy. Their unquestioned entrenchment in government and education gives them the luxury of never being publicly called to task for their failures. Hiding behind an authoritative facade this field is a dark well breeding philosophic contagion.
Shining light on the arcana of the ‘social sciences’; political science, psychology, and the progenitor  of them all, psychaitry; would put a stake through the heart of many of society ills.
‘Question Authority’ was a meme in the ‘60‘s and ‘70‘s that we would do well to bring back.
We must question the authority of those who tell us we are nothing more than animals and that we should be treated as such. We’re all diminished and degraded by this poisonous line of thought; which gives the zombies and vampires among us the power to treat people as livestock to be herded to the slaughter.
You are not an animal.
Question anyone who says otherwise.