Alt-Coin Trader

Where the Hell Has All the World's Money Gone?


I was just reflecting that nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- I know has any (unborrowed, unleveraged) money to speak of.
The vast majority of individuals don't have money.
Small business are broke (Living on a constant stream of loans)
Towns are broke.
Cities are broke.
Counties are broke.
States are broke.
Countries are broke.
Thousands of small banks are going bust.
Pension funds are empty or underfunded.
How can this be?
Is there simply less money out there? Is the "Federal" Reserve slashing the money supply?
Wall Street can't account for all of this missing money, can it?
And the "Federal" Reserve can't be the black hole that all of this money is disappearing into, can it?
Is there some faceless beast abroad, that is sucking up the word's multitrillion-dollar wealth?
I ask again: Where the f*ck has all the world's money gone!?
Any ideas?