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What Is The Codex Alimentarius? Part 8

Codex Alimentarius, according to the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization joint epidemiological projections, estimate that just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone will result in a minimum of 3 billion deaths.

Dr. Rima explains what Codex Alimentarius is, where it came from, and what it is doing.

So the NNFA, anybody here ever heard of the NNFA? Everybody has heard of the NNFA. Did you know that the members of the NNFA are not just health food stores and manufacturers? But include companies with names you may have heard: PfizerMerk, MonsantoBayerBASFArcher-Daniels-MidlandEastman Chemical. I could go on, GlaxoSmithKlineWellcomeWyeth, you get the idea. Why? Because after DSHEA was passed, and the nutrient business burgeoned, the pharmaceutical folks said; and they're not dumb; said, "There's gold in them thar pills."

And they bought the means of production of many many companies and they bought the companies themselves. So they're in the nutrient business. What better way to kill the nutrient business, which is not nearly as profitable as the toxic chemical drug business, than to take it over. Works everytime, right?

CRN, anybody here know about CRN? It's the Council for Responsible Nutrition. [It has the] same members. They have lot's of multilevel marketing companies. [It's the] same members, okay? And they're serving their members needs. And CRN is saying, "Yeah, Codex is coming! It's going to protect us from those dangerous vitamins, and minerals, and herbs. And CRN is saying goodbye. Go to sleep.

[Sings] Lullabye...and goodnight...everythings fine...

Then they use a report that they commissioned [at] a reputed cost of $800,000. A report [from] Sidley, Austin, Brown and Root. A law firm in Washington wrote a report for them and it said, "[Singing] Lullaby...and goodnight..."

Everythings fine. It won't have an impact on the United States. Everythings fine. Sidley, Austin, Brown and Root, has one major client who's name you might know, Merk. Now it's entirely possible that the NNFA did a spectacularly bad job of due diligence. Or not. Anyway the report says everythings fine, everythings dandy, no problem, we've got DSHEA. Yeah, sure we do. Remember five laws before Congress to overturn DSHEA.

And you can write to Congress on the website. Click the mouse, I call it riding the freedom mouse. 

Now congress uses the multiplier of 13,000 to 1. Every email, fax, phone call letter - don't write letters they get decontaminated, they never get to congress - every email, fax, and phone call, counts as 13,000 constituent opinions. They figure that if you write a letter [or] send an email, there are 12,999 lazy lunks who can't bother to get to the computer terminal to do the same thing; but they feel the way you do. Interesting, that's power my friends. That's power. That's 13,000 to 1. So suppose we have a million people, suppose we have 10 million people, suppose we have 100 million people, saying don't you dare. Now Congress has one rule above all others, anybody know what that is? Get reelcted. That's the primary rule. The prime directive, as Isaac Asimov would have called it. The prime directive is to get reelected. 

Now DSHEA was passed, you may remember, by unanimous Congressional consent. Was that because one morning all members of congress woke up and said, I see the light nutrients are better that drugs? No. It's because they said, "Oh. If i don't go along with this, I'll never be reelected to anything."

We were at critical mass. Remember we were out on the streets, and we were up on our hind legs. We were making noise and we were rallying. And we were writing letters, and we said, "Don't you dare take away my health freedom."

Remember? And we won. Except we got fat, dumb, and lazy, and stopped protecting ourselves. So now were in the same place again, except it's all food instead of just nutrients.

This is the eighth installment of an original series from No Agenda News, read part nine here.

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