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What Is The Codex Alimentarius? Part 9

Codex Alimentarius, according to the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization joint epidemiological projections, estimate that just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone will result in a minimum of 3 billion deaths.

Dr. Rima explains what Codex Alimentarius is, where it came from, and what it is doing.

Now DSHEA was passed, you may remember, by unanimous Congressional consent. Was that because one morning all members of congress woke up and said, I see the light nutrients are better that drugs? No. It's because they said, "Oh. If i don't go along with this, I'll never be reelected to anything."

We were at critical mass. Remember we were out on the streets, and we were up on our hind legs. We were making noise and we were rallying. And we were writing letters, and we said, "Don't you dare take away my health freedom."

Remember? And we won. Except we got fat, dumb, and lazy, and stopped protecting ourselves. So now were in the same place again, except it's all food instead of just nutrients.

So that's point number one, use the freedom mouse. Ride the freedom mouse. We made it as easy as possible on the site. Sign up for the email, I will never sell your information to anyone. I promise. I will never rent it. I will never share it. You will only get email from me. And we need you to know what's going on, so I'll send you email blasts. I'll send you things you can do, or not, it's your choice. Get everybody you know informed .

Now, what else can you do? Well, were going to write a series of Codex alternative guidlines. Everything bad in Codex will have an alternative guideline that turns it into a pro-health guideline. What have we done with the guideline, the vitamin and mineral guideline? You can see that, because we have a markup copy that has their guideline crossed out and ours written in, on the website. It's right there. What we've done is turn it into something, into a guideline; that mandates biochemically, individually determined, optimal health, and it's still Codex compliant.

So we said, "Okay, now we need Congress to adopt this, and we need other countries in the world to adopt this."

So Bert and I, went to Washington DC, and we met with Dana Rohrabacher from Orange County. Who said to us, he is a representative, he said, "I believe in pesticides."

I went, "Oooh."

He said, "I believe in GMO."

I went, "Ooh, ooh."

He said, "I believe in irradiation of food."

I went, "Ooh, ooh, ooh."

But, he said, "I believe in your right to not be forced to eat foods that have been processed that way more than I believe in those technologies."

We said, "Ooh, that's really nice."

Now we need a coalition. So we went across the aisle, or across the office building, to see Peter DeFazio's staff from Oregon; who was a liberal democrat. Whereas Rohrabacher is a republican, a libertarian republican. And Defazio's on board.

And we have large numbers of others who actually never heard of Codex before we told them about it. Never heard of Codex. We have called every health legistative aid in Congress and we have said, "What's your congressman's position on Codex?"

And they said, "Wahh?"

We have spoken to the trade legislative assitants we said, "What's your congressmans position on Codex?"

They said, "Uh-what?"

They don't know. 

We had a congressional briefing set up on the 20th of September. I was going to address Congress; tell them about it. I thought that was cool. 10 days before, it became a briefing on something else. Another freedom click, you need to write Congress on the site and tell them they need a congressional briefing, by god, and tell them you want me to brief them. They don't know. They've never heard of it, anymore than the general public has heard of it.

Gee, how'd that happen?

Who knows?

Every negative part of Codex can be overturned by a guideline, a regulation, or a standard, that is positive. So we need your help. Because the United States leadership in this guideline, and all of the positive guidelines to follow, is what's going to literally save the population of the planet.

And save your jobs, and your children, and your families, and mine.

Thank you.

This is the final installment of an original series from No Agenda News, read part eight here.

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