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[Homeless Survival Gear] The Homeless Camper

The classic solution to being homeless is to camp. There are a number of ways to go about this:

  • Parks where camping is allowed - This is usually expensive and puts the homeless person a long way from the advantages of civilization.
  • Illegal camping - This has obvious disadvantages.
  • Tent cities - Not ideal in that the biggest problem homeless people have to deal with is other homeless people.
  • Legal camping on private property - This is the dream situation and if the property owner can/will provide access to a toilet, shower, and electricity it's practically not being homeless.
So what is the ideal tent size? 

I see homeless people make mistakes in both directions in making this decision. A tent that is too large is difficult to set up, take down, and move when moving becomes necessary. There is also a tendency to collect too much stuff in a large tent. And a tent by itself isn't sufficient protection from the elements tarps are necessary and large tents are difficult to cover properly with tarps. I will do a post soon on how to do this.

A tent that is too small (i.e. a pup tent) quickly becomes unlivable and most of the homeless persons possessions have to remain outside the tent while they sleep exposed to the elements and (most importantly) easily stolen.

For a single homeless camper the 7x7 tent Coleman SunDome 7-Foot by 7-Foot 3-Person Dome Tent (Orange/Gray) is the ideal. It is livable for the longterm (I've been living in one for a year now). It's easy to set up, take down, move and make resistant to the elements.