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Car Battery Trickle Charger

Want to save your car or home phone, but you know that when you go start your car after it sat for a couple of weeks or months that the battery is depleted.
The battery trickle charger for car maintenance is designed specifically for the maintenance of 12 volt batteries that are regularly used in developed or kept in storage for long periods of time.
The normal self-discharge of the battery is prevented when using a battery charger for car maintenance. Moreover, the duration of the 12-volt rechargeable batteries with a minimum current, regulated output voltage extended.
low quality chargers produce a strong, fast charging, the electrodes will decay and often cook with water. We recommend buying a charger once the battery is fully charged, automatically switches off and then falls again as recharging the battery. Also make sure the charger you buy is specifically designed for use in the long term. You want to be able to be safely connected to the battery for days, weeks, months, even years!
Other important tips for the storage of the vehicle:
Gas up
Air humidity with it, and this will lead to condensation in the tank. To reduce this as much as possible to ensure that the tank is full as can be. This reduces condensation and to reduce significantly the amount of water in the gas and the injection system. Get a gasoline stabilizer such as Stabil and put them in front of the filling of the reservoir. You need the engine for a bit 'to ensure that the stabilized gas injection has performed all penetrated.
Change the oil filter and oil
Impurities in the oil old corrode the inner workings of the engine, so it is important to use fresh oil and new filter in the car.
Over-inflating tires
Inflate the tires to about 40 psi or 45. modern radial tires are not known to have problems with flat spotting from the field have. However, some people recommend that you use the car a bit 'every 2 weeks or so rolls. It is strongly recommended not to turn power the vehicle and the tires, because if the car is loaded, lower the suspension. Try to check the tire pressure every two weeks or so, and then slow leak.
Some say the suspension by the machine hung the bushes. Let rest on the floor for a few months should not cause problems.
Clean the inside of vehicles
When it comes to taking your vehicle off the field will not be clean. You may not want to do clean up before being taken into custody, but if you simply do not. So, please take the time to get everything really clean. Clean the carpets. Clean the glass inside and out. Clean behind the pedal cluster. Clean and condition the skin. They are the dirt you'll be surprised. Clean every corner. Also, do not forget to also clean the trunk, etc. It 's a season full of dirt and rubbish by car and go to do not want to wear next season. moth balls and a bag or two of silica gel in the car (which does not absorb moisture in the air), and preventive measures.
Wash the car
Dust and dirt are corrosive to the paint on so long life is important not to leave these items in storage at the vehicle, but I do not care for him to secure the wet. This can be a challenge if you use the vehicle up to, want to get wet season or snow. You should never give the car away wet because the rust anywhere form, water collects. expects you want to try time and cleaning the car and driving a bit 'to dry before storing. Then it will be necessary in order to stop the dust followed before storage with a towel wet with damp cloth drying towels. Another option is a "Quick Detailer Spray" available in many auto parts stores.
Auto Wax
This is recommended but may be difficult to obtain good growth depends on the cars when the temperature is getting ready to save it. A good quality of wax is difficult at lower temperatures.
Condition of rubber parts
Many of branded products for the treatment of rubber to greasy layers consisting of silicon (silicon is not good for the paint) to build, or rather, at that time and actually make the trim look worse. Use trim to maintain a good conditioner all rubber.
Clean the wheels
brake dust is corrosive and it is not good if I click on the wheels for weeks or months at a time. To remove the extensive work the wheels from the vehicle, clean inside and outside.
Cover the openings
Seal on the exhaust tips will help prevent rust in the exhaust system. Close heating vents and other openings. Every two weeks or so, it is probably a good idea to do a periodic inspection. Check whether the loss of development or when all the rats nest.
Storage Engine
Spray WD 40 into the cylinder
Remove the spark plugs
Spray WD-40 air intakes
Run the engine by hand with a wrench a few times
Every three months, repeat these (except the candles will not be in the motor)
To change the wheel bearings, the wheels turn every three months or a moving car to another place
For manual shifting of a gear, and moving gear inside
Every six months the vehicle.
Starting the vehicle
There are different opinions as to whether a vehicle regularly during storage is a good idea. Starting the engine produces significant thermal stress on the parts which are often cold temperatures. Most engine wear occurs in the first minutes when a car was started, because the oil still in the oil pan and engine lubrication. In cold weather, the engine is not hot enough to burn off moisture, acids, etc. creates the car while driving to get there. This contaminates the oil clean. If you plan to store your car for a very long time, then it must be performed at regular intervals to make it functional.