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Solar Battery Trickle Charger

A battery trickle charger solar sing: "Here comes the sun!" With more enthusiasm - why is charging the battery.
If the battery trickle solar charger, you get the better of them want to set the panel to receive the maximum exposure to the sun. Then connect the charger 5 watt 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter and the battery is fully charged.
We are also told that crocodiles are connected directly to the battery for situations in which there is no cigarette or if you want to keep the socket free to charge a cell phone or other devices.
This unit has a variety of applications, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, tractors, electric fences, telemetry, recreational vehicle (RV), and more. It will work even on cloudy days. And 'nice when a cleaner and quieter charge of electrical or electronic devices would be an advantage, say in the open, where you do not want to disturb the natural environment.
The most popular model is the 50022nd Sunforce It 's the rustic building with amorphous solar cells and made of durable ABS plastic. It weighs only 4 kg and measures 14 x 13 x 0.75 inches makes it easy to carry and easy to configure. With a temperature range of -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit is a season, collecting all the air conditioning solution for the battery is depleted. With up to 5 watts or 350 mA of power for the natural discharge of the battery voltage with time are used in new batteries when you need to prevent. It has flexible connectivity options that crocodile and a cigarette lighter adapter.
This model is compact and easy to install and allows you to use the power of the sun energy source more powerful and more plentiful supply. In contrast to the nuclear and fossil fuels, solar energy and the environment is clean and the equipment needed to use very little maintenance.
The trickle charger is designed to prevent the escape of natural tension that the 12 volt batteries to be submitted in time. You can also keep charging a 12 volt battery and is providing power for small electronic devices such as mobile phone chargers or small pumps and motors. The Sunforce 50022 5 Watt Solar Charger with trickle charge of durable ABS plastic with amorphous solar cells and an ultra-bright blue LED charging indicator. Four holes are already cut into the frame for easy permanent installation. E 'weather-resistant and remains effective even on cloudy days. The built-in protection of overload / surge protection prevents overcharging and reverse current. This trickle charger is a great choice for automobiles, campers, SUVs, tractors, boats and more.
Amorphous solar panels require virtually no maintenance and are weather proof and suitable for outdoor use. E 'safe to leave connected for a long time without damage to electrical components.
For vehicles traveling in the solar charger to maintain the system can and must be securely mounted to prevent damage to solar cells, batteries and other devices. Otherwise, it is easily removed and stored.
Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity and that does not actually save energy. The Sunforce 50 022 designed to maintain a charged battery that does not exist, and back to full battery.