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What Is The Codex Alimentarius? Part 6

Codex Alimentarius, according to the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization joint epidemiological projections, estimate that just the vitamin and mineral guideline alone will result in a minimum of 3 billion deaths.

Dr. Rima explains what Codex Alimentarius is, where it came from, and what it is doing.

Codex is big and it's bad. But it's not invulnerable.

So the point is that we have to protect ourselves and I believe that we have to regain global leadership which we have lost, surrendered, squandered, sold.

[Booing from the audience]No? No global?

Just joining the World Trade Organization surrendered our soveriegnty.

However, parenthetically, I have a team of constitutional lawyers looking at the following question: Are we members of the WTO? Because if you remember from high school civics, the way you get a treaty to be a real treaty, is to have it ratified by two thirds majority of the senate. And the way we got into the WTO, was they passed a law allowing Bill Clinton to fast track us into the WTO.

[Whispers] We are not in the WTO.

Now, that's a piece of the battle. [Shouts from the audience: Tell George!]

We will tell George [Bush] but, I don't think he's going to be relevant when we tell him.

So that's a piece of it, but that's not going to save our lives right now, because do you know...Picture in your mind a wasp or a bee trap where the insect voluntarily goes down the funnel and then can't get up out of the trap again. That's Codex. A regular law, can be overturned. It can be repealed. It can be corrected by another legislation. But once we become Codex compliant in any area, as long as we're members of the WTO, it can never be repealed. Because we have lost the sovereignty to become un-Codex compliant as long as were in the WTO. So it's like going down that funnel and not being able to get up out of it.

So it's very important that we make sure that we do not become Codex compliant.

But then we'll be hit with all those big trade sanctions, and the country will be destroyed economically!

Remember surprise, one of the principles of war. Remember mass, where you take your strength and put it against the enemies weakness.

Well here is what we have done. We have a team of lawyers who have spent hundreds of hours with us pro bono, these are good guy lawyers. These two gentlemen and we, have spent hundreds of hours studying Codex. Understanding it's weakness - weaknesses - a lot of weaknesses. And constructing a strategy which will take the sucker down. It will take it down.

But I need you. You are people that other people come to for information about safe healthy food and nutrients. You are ready made dissemination points. You are the thousand, million, hundred million, points of light.

Here's what is happening. Every country in the world has to be Codex compliant in order not to be hit by WTO trade sanctions, if they're members of Codex and the WTO. And there are a few countries that are not, but I guarantee you that they're not of any major significance.

So the question is, what does Codex compliance mean?

Well, most legislators believe that it means that they have to adopt [Codex] as their national standard on that particular subject. What Codex ratified. But that's not the case, anymore than we're in the WTO. That's not the case either.

What it means: Is that the format, the issues, and the subjects; covered by the Codex guidelines, standards, or regulation; have to be addressed in the countries guidelines, standards, or regulation, on the subject of the same topic. So what we have done, is create the first of many alternative Codex guidelines.

This is the sixth installment of an original series from No Agenda News, read part five here.

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